Everybody wants change, but not everyone is willing to change. 

Simply put: You're in the right place if you want a better life.

Maybe you want to change careers. Maybe you want to develop healthier habits. Maybe what you want is happiness and security. And financial freedom, so that you never have to worry about bills again.  

What you want IS change.  

Change in what you do. Change in how you do it. Maybe even change of who you do it with.  

But it’s scary as heck to make positive changes in your life.  

I mean how are you to jump into this new idea (or figure out what the plan should be in the first place), if you don’t know what’s on the other side? AND you don’t know if it’s the right choice? ...and so if this thing will actually play out ok?

So you procrastinate.  

First you worry about why you maybe really shouldn’t go for that new job / unfamiliar experience / or even simple change in lifestyle. Because what if your positive change will actually end up negatively affecting others??  

Or maybe you start, but you don’t know how to stay committed to the idea. After a while you lose motivation and then finally forget about it, only to later start working towards something else, never really finishing, never really following-through with your dreams, desires or ideas. (And that’s ok, I’ve been there too!)  

Or you simply don’t know how to change anything right now, since it seems like you’re always busy, always tired - where would you find energy and time to do anything else other than what you’re already doing?  

And how do you make sure that that thing, that little voice at the back of your head telling you you need to finally do something OR ELSE the overwhelm and routine of your life might as well swallow you whole... how do you make sure that that-new-thing you finally decide to try won’t ruin you financially?  

So you carry on, sticking to what you know, day after day passes by, month after month... you don’t even know where the time goes…  

But every now and then you still think that you DO need to change something.  

Just what? And how? 

Hi, my name is Kat Bern and I’m... a lot of things. Here is where I should call myself a Change Expert, or a Change Coach, or some other name that doesn’t really exist in the English dictionary… so instead I’ll say I’m this (amongst other things, of course):  

I’m an introvert, a bit of a clean-freak and a Harry Potter fan. Both at work and in personal life I’m a successful business owner, a dream-achiever and a goal-chaser. 

I’m a self-made woman who came from nothing growing up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, Poland, and grew a business working around the World, now traveling and achieving next biggest dreams and desires (I’d like to say one at a time, but really, sometimes I go for a few things at once, which is not the best, but I’m a work-in-progress, so more on that another time…)

I’m a writer. And teacher. And a self-proclaimed Life Upleveler - basically what can be described as obsessed with growth. Oh and I do comedy too, because laughter is joy. And joy is the goal.  

The journey of getting from where I was to where I am was not straightforward, but SO freakin’ rewarding. And I would not have come across a LOT of what I learnt about LIFE and making dreams and positive change become your reality if I hadn’t first started a business. 

So here’s the thing.  

Coming out of University, I went right into starting my business (while at first making coffees at Starbucks, thank you very much). And that journey led me to discover a lot of tools helpful in achieving any desire you might have. Tools that I would NOT have discovered had I not chosen the path of building my own business, from scratch, with no investors and no business degree or any real business knowledge (hello, Internet, thanks for having my back!)  

And that process of becoming an entrepreneur CHANGED who I was even more than all the wicked crazy things I had already done to date (like living in 5 different countries and at some point speaking a total of 6 languages - to varying degrees, of course, and let’s be honest - these days I speak 2 really well, and the rest of them it’s just nice to listen to on Netflix sometimes, so don’t ask me to suddenly break into Spanish, because esto no es possible :D )  

But to the point. My life has changed drastically for the better when I learnt a lot of tools that are mostly discovered by people building their own businesses. As a tool to grow your business. But I quickly realised that had I learnt any of that stuff at school, or anywhere else, at ANY point in my life, all my goals and dreams would’ve been realised sooner and with less drama (not to mention, there’s probably a lot of goals I didn’t achieve that were within my abilities, I just didn’t know it yet and didn’t know how to do it).

So this page is for you if you want to make a positive change. If you’re done with just surviving, and want to thrive. If you want to define for yourself what that means. And go and get it.

I’ll show you the tools to get there and how to use them, because I’ve found and used them to grow my business from nothing to a profitable 6-figures. And I KNOW first hand that those tools, practices and new habits work. And I think that they should be mainstream and should be applied to everyday life and every area of your life that you might want to improve. And not just something only business owners learn along the way, aiming to achieve success at work.  

So if you want to improve your life by leaps and bounds and actually see a tangible change in the quality of your life, your relationships, your financial situation and see your dreams come to existence in the real world (or learn how to even figure out what it is that you want in the first place if you’re not sure yet), then join me below for this journey. 

Because all of this (and more!) IS within your reach. And you don’t actually need to start your own business to apply the same tools that successful businesses use, in order to make YOU grow and change and witness a growth in your life

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are in life or what your experiences have been so far.  

Your past is only an evidence of what you’ve done and who you’ve been in the past. It DOES NOT define what you’re capable of in the future, because that’s up to the you-now and you-of-the-near-future to decide and claim and make happen. I truly truly believe and KNOW that to be true.  

So if you want to stop procrastinating, figure out what you want or where to start, not let fears stop you from going after what you want anymore and call today the first day of the rest of your (much improved and Uplevelled) Life, then I will be thrilled to show you how. 


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