There’s NO such thing as being too happy (and how to do it)

Everything starts in our head: being happy, being too happy (?), being miserable. It’s all dependent on us and us alone. The key to your own happiness lies in your own hands. I’ve known this for a while and I live by this truth. But part of taking responsibility for your own happiness is realising… Show me more

Why leaving people behind as we grow is essential

I used to think, as a little girl, that you make friends and those friends will stay with you forever. The prospect of growing with someone, sharing experiences and then at some point not having them by your side to witness each other’s lives had been SO hard to grasp. It didn’t help that one… Show me more

Do you have a small business, but really BIG dreams? Read this.

This is a story of entrepreneurial beginnings and what goes behind-the-scenes of starting a business, when you have BIG dreams, but the reality doesn’t quite reflect that yet. It is time I come out of my closet here… (and NO, it’s not what you think ;)) I’ve been in a bit of a creative cocoon… Show me more

How to read more books consistently (the lazy way)

Do you want to read more books, but cannot find the time? Or are you just so busy that reading (whether for pleasure, personal growth or both) has vanished from your list of goals because you’ve given up the dream that you’ll ever even have the time? Watch this episode to get inspired to start… Show me more

5 tips for planning your week to get things done

Do you know that saying that if you don’t prioritise your life, then someone else will? Taking action and actually getting things done plays a major role in getting you closer to YOUR dreams and YOUR vision of what you want your life to look like. So in this episode we’re going to look at… Show me more

3 ways to make a BIG decision (without unnecessary headaches)

Have you ever needed to make a big decision, where you felt like you were stuck and you didn’t know which way to go? In this episode let’s talk about the 3 ways for making big decisions much easier. WATCH THE VIDEO OR READ THE POST BELOW: We’ve all been there. Whether it’s about which… Show me more

Let’s make magic (aka it’s not too late!)

With the start of October we’re in the final quarter and therefore final stretch of the year. Setting goals for the year is well behind us, or is it? How are YOUR goals shaping up? Whatever you set out to do at the beginning of this year, has this looked like this so far?: Maybe… Show me more