Your life seems perfect from the outside. You’ve made all the right choices, yet something still doesn’t feel right. At times you might be thinking that you’re just plain ungrateful. Wanting more, when there are people out there who are dreaming about being in your shoes. #firstworldproblem

But oh, this longing is NOT to be ignored.

The same way you can’t expect a three year old to worry about paying the bills (it’s just not their reality), you can’t expect to downplay your desires and ambition because somebody else has it worse than you (this is not your reality either).

And having every week go by in a similar nature, when everything is sort of ok-ish, but you can’t shake off a feeling that there should be more to life… ignore this feeling and you’ll spend life resenting yourself.

It will not (I repeat: it will NOT) make anyone else better off if you stop yourself from discovering what it takes to reach out for more in life.

If you’re worried that 10 years from now you’ll wake up full of regrets, NOW is your chance to start and take action.

Discover YOUR happiness, YOUR beauty, YOUR wealth. Take control of how things turn out.

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