Space as a contributor to achieve your goals

When creating any new space, we tend to think about what looks good and whether or not we’ll feel comfortable in that space. Have you ever considered how your space could help you to achieve your goals?

What I’d like to point out today is an underestimated value of space as a contributor to our success.

Imagine this. You’re planning a change of careers. You’re simply miserable at work and you know you need to get out. Every hour you’re at your job every part of you is screaming “get us out of here, let’s do something different”.

You know you’ve got to make changes, but for whatever reason you can’t just pull the plug. So you come up with a plan of what you want to do next and how to transition.

There is just one tiny little problem.

When you get back home after work, you feel like the energy has been sucked out of you. All you can gather yourself to do is open a bag of crisps or order-in and lie down watching Netflix until you’re so tired you go to sleep.

Even though you know you’ve got to start doing to see changes and to gradually make your dreams come true, after a whole long tiring day at work, you lack motivation.

You know you need to take the steps required to follow the plan, but something’s stopping you. And a little part of you is thinking that something might be wrong with you…. I know because I certainly have felt that way in the past. Who in the right mind would keep going like this, in this masochistic almost pattern?

Now, when I write this I realise this scenario sounds somewhat dramatic, but I’m sure that if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know: you’ve either been there yourself once before or you know someone who has.

So how do you get out? And what does it even have to do with your home?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

The home you live in, the spaces around you have a really strong power over your success. They can help you achieve your dreams or they can literally break you. And realising that is the first step to limiting the negative effect and introducing changes that will create a supportive environment. An environment that helps you become who you want to become, in other words to achieve your goals.

Take this example of lack of motivation to make changes. Whether it’s applying for new jobs or taking up additional training, or maybe something completely different.

Ask yourself: what are the conditions that you need fulfilled to be able to keep your commitments to yourself?

– Is it about lack of proper space where you can sit down and focus on your task for that day?
– Is it about limiting external distractions like noise, interruptions etc.?
– Is there any type of proper food that would energise you (and before you go there: rather than drinking RedBulls after work, think green power smoothies)?

As you run through those you’ll notice that a hell lot of them have to do with the way you set up your space.

It could be simple things like:
if your blender is hidden away on the top shelf, you’ll never make those smoothies,
– or if your elliptical machine serves you more as a hanger for your clothes than an exercise opportunity, you won’t be bothered to clear it out first thing in the morning so that you can exercise,
– if you’ve got no space to sit comfortably with your laptop and do your work with no distractions, a comfortable seat and a good lighting setup, then you won’t get your work done.

A friend of mine told me that if you want to go to the gym in the morning, you’ll increase your chances of succeeding if you put your gym bag in front of you to see it as the first thing when you wake up.
It should trigger your brain to remind you that this is way more important than your current perceived need to hit the snooze button.

That’s why this week I’d like to challenge you to improve your space in a way that will serve you as a constant reminder to achieve your goals.

I want your space to be supportive and enable you to easily take the necessary steps. Take excuses out of the equation.

So think for a moment: what changes in behaviour would you like to introduce into your life? It might not be the change-of-careers scenario, but we all have areas where we know we could do better.

Pick one thing you’d like to improve. Let it be something that you’re really passionate about. Something that fires you up and makes you feel those unexplained butterflies in your stomach.
Then, really brainstorm what will help you achieve your goals from the point of view of necessary conditions. And implement the changes.

To help you stay on track I’ll share with you one more tip. Talk to your partner/family/friends and tell them what you’re going to do. (Extra points for announcing it on Facebook – if it’s not something too personal, of course).
This will make you accountable. And accountability is another vital in helping you to achieve your goals.

If you tell everyone you know you’re doing something, it will be harder for you to back out for “a reason” that’s really an-excuse-disguised-as-a-reason.

So do take the time to set yourself up for success, to achieve your goals.

And if anyone tries to distract you? Set your boundaries. Know what’s important for you and don’t let other people’s agendas take over your life.

To your success. Not just this week, but 52 weeks a year,

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P.S. I would love it if you could tell me: what are your conditions that you need fulfilled? What would help you get focused and take the steps that you know you need to take? I can’t wait to talk to you in the comments below.

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  1. Such a great post, thanks Kat! I really need my study to be tidy but it often gets piled up with clothes (my wardrobe is in there) and papers. I need to declutter in order to feel clear-headed for my work so thank you for the reminder x

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