On the road to achieving your goals and desires first you must…

Create a crystal clear vision of what it is you want!

Figure out what you want + how (& where) to start to take the right action to make the right dreams come true first.

Have you been feeling stuck and frustrated, feeling unsure about what it is that you want, or what your goals should be?

Do you feel you “should” have goals, but lately all that’s going through your head is “I don’t know what I want”....

And all the motivational posts on Instagram instead of motivating you, seem to have the opposite effect, leaving you feeling kind of “bleh” about the fact that you’re stuck.

Maybe you see other people (maybe even me) posting tips on how to get what you want, but all it does it reminds you that you yourself are not sure what the right path for you is yet and what should be next for you, in your career, or in your personal life.

And you want to get clarity on your goals and desires.

You want to create a clear vision of what it is that you want, so that you know what to do next.

That’s where I can help!

Create a clear vision of what you want Masterclass

...is a class where I’ll walk you through practical tools that will unlock the answers and let you tune in with the wisdom of your body and intuition, in order to guide you and show you what your bigger vision is, what your next steps should be, and what might be standing in the way.

After this class you’ll walk away with:

- clarity on your bigger vision and what you actually want: for yourself and all the different areas of your life (family, career, etc.),

- actionable next steps for how to get from where you are now to achieve that bigger vision that you’ll map out,

- the underrated, yet completely transformative focus on what you desire, rather than a list of things you don’t want, so that you can start transforming your life starting right after the class,

- mindset shifts needed so that you can actually start implementing your vision now and get out of that place of stuckness once and for all,

- and a sense of direction for all your next steps, so that you can set your inner-GPS to that destination and start moving towards your goals immediately.

You can take the class from anywhere, it’s actually relaxing and fun (who knew you could be transforming your situation from the feelings of stuckness and frustration to clarity and confidence without sweat and tears!?), and probably most importantly - it’s damn effective - I guarantee it.

The tools, strategies and mindset shifts from this class will help you uncover everything you want and create next steps for how to bring it about. But I want the right people joining this class, so that we don’t waste each other’s time. So please read the points below carefully and take them into consideration before making your decision.

Please do not join this class if:

- you’re not ready to change your current circumstances and actually are comfortable in a place where you get to complain about your situation to friends and family,

- you’re not open to try new things and apply tools you might not have used in the past (like guided meditation, tuning into your intuition or journaling) to get to your answers,

- you like to look for reasons why something won’t work before you actually try it, which would lead to you not benefiting from this class as you have to participate to see the results.

But this class is for you if:

- you’re ready to get out of the place of being stuck and create a plan for what actions you need to take next,

- you’re ready to accept the responsibility for not having figured out what you want sooner, forgive yourself, and move past that, clearing the way for the next steps of your path to unfold,

- you’re excited to uncover what you want, to gain clarity and confidence and to find out more about what’s important to you, where you want to go and how to get there.

Want to get started uncovering what your next steps should be?

The class will be opening its doors soon.

Click the button below and enter your details to be the first to know when it opens.


Hi, I’m Kat Bern.

And I invite you to join me on this journey of changing: your way of thinking, mindset and subconscious reprogramming, so that you can feel free, playful, joyful and full of life.

Whatever it is that you want, whether that’s having more than enough money, abundant savings, amazing health, rich life, fulfilling work, or a passionate relationship, I teach practices and classes that will let you create a vision for what it is that you want, and then clear blockages that might be standing in the way of you achieving those goals, so that you can instead allow this flowing vibrant energy into your life and manifest all your desires into your everyday reality.

I myself have built a successful 6-figure business from scratch, and on the way learnt tools and practices that are common amongst successful business owners. Now I divide my time between running that business AND translating those same practices that helped me build it into tools that can be used in everyday life, so that you can benefit from them, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. Because if we all learn to elevate our own lives in a sustainable way, everyone will benefit.

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