Let’s make magic (aka it’s not too late!)

With the start of October we’re in the final quarter and therefore final stretch of the year. Setting goals for the year is well behind us, or is it? How are YOUR goals shaping up?

Setting goals in October? No, that's not crazy. Crazy would be NOT to. Click here to read about how you can take the last 90 days of the year and turn them into a productive and meaningful time that gets you closer to where you want to be: https://www.katbern.com/lets-make-magic-october/

Whatever you set out to do at the beginning of this year, has this looked like this so far?:

Maybe you’ve been dream boarding like crazy, writing down your goals in your journal, saying positive affirmations every day.

And then….


The procrastination sets in. The resistance screws up your plans.

You start sabotaging yourself and instead of getting closer to having your Dream Home, or going on a holiday, or whatever else makes you happy, you end up coming up against some invisible barriers that stop you from where you are to the magical land of “there”.

“Maybe it’s just not the right time?”

“Maybe the Universe is conspiring against me?”

If that’s what popped into your head, then luckily, the answer is NO.

It’s not that you suck at manifesting what you want. It’s more likely that you’re missing pieces of the formula.

I want to share a new FREE resource with you from my friend and mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas. It’s her very easy and practical Manifesting Formula.

Sign up here to get it.

Denise is an incredible money mindset mentor, AKA “The Lucky Bitch” (but if that doesn’t sound good to you, you’ll be pleased to know that those “in the know” actually call her The Lucky Bee, as BEES are a symbol of abundance, so this fits rather well with being a money mindset mentor).

She’s written best-selling books and her courses have helped thousands of people step-up to create success and abundance.

In this course Denise shares her process that will take you from “personal development junkie” into a manifesting MACHINE and money magnet. So that you can get clear on what you want and then know exactly what to do to reach your goals.

She makes it easy, fun and totally chilled. There’s a free cheat sheet so you can play along.

Just sign up here (it’s free).

You don’t need to be perfect, meditate five hours a day or chant naked under a full moon to make your ideal life come into existence!

But you DO need to CLEAR your mind of any blocks, get CRYSTAL clear on your goals, infuse every part of your day with positivity, take inspired ACTION and learn to RECEIVE (yes, it’s a learned process – women really struggle with that part).

Play along here.

I’ll be taking part in this experience too, so remember that I’m cheering you on while going through exactly the same steps with you, working on ending this year strong.

October is really not too late. And you have a choice.

Either you write off the end of the year and decide to wait till the New Year to set new goals. OR, you’ll press the gas pedal even harder now and realise that you DO still have 3 months of this year and that you CAN make incredible things happen within that time.

The question is: will you take action?

Leave a comment to let me know what goal you’re working on for the rest of the year.

And if you’re wondering what I’m planning, I can tell you right now. For the most of this year I’ve been focusing on my other business, which is booming and that is really great (Denise’s stuff really works, that’s the best testimony I can give here). But in all of this I miss writing…. A LOT. So my goal for the end of the year is to be more consistent with writing and staying in touch with you, inspiring you on the blog :)

And now it’s your turn. What are you going to work on this last 90 days of the year? Leave a comment below.

And do let me know how you liked Denise’s goal setting and manifesting formula. It is honestly the best tool I came across for setting goals and helping you make them come true. I use it a lot and when I do, it sometimes actually takes me by surprise me how well that works!

See you in the comments below and I will talk to you soon ;)

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