How to have that perfect home (one rule which changes it all)

It’s very easy to be a complainer.

I don’t like my bathroom. My kitchen is too small. My living room doesn’t feel cozy. I’ve got no place to do my work without distractions.

Sound familiar?

I bet that if I asked you to list 10 things that are wrong with your home, you’d be able to give me that list (almost) in one breath.

But do you have similar clarity on what it is you actually want from your home?
Could you list 10 things you’d want more than anything?


Making your home perfect for you is a process. And at no stage will your home ever be ready to stay that way forever, because we (the people who live in it) change. And so our home needs to adapt to the new behaviours, hobbies and routines.

But while we’re living in this constant state of imperfection, it’s easy to focus on the wrong things. Instead of thinking about what it is that we want and opening our thought processes to new ideas of how to actually get what we want, we tend to focus on what it is that we don’t want.

So why do we need to shift that thinking?

Imagine the setup of your living room isn’t practical for you and your family and how you want to use it. Maybe there isn’t enough space for everyone to sit together and someone always ends up on the floor, or maybe a piece of furniture stands in your way and you have to go around it every time you’re bringing a cup of tea from the kitchen, or perhaps, all your furniture stands around the walls of the room and you ended up with an empty middle, which never gets used and looks plain weird.

If you’re thinking “it’s not working, it’s not working for us” every time you notice the awkward manner in which your furniture stands in the living room, what you’re actually doing is causing your frustration to grow. And you end up with the same annoyed thoughts circulating in your head “this is wrong”, “I don’t like that”, “this all feels bleh”.

And there is no judgement there. We all do it at one point or the other, whether it’s about the way our furniture is standing, or anything else. But once you realise you’re stuck in this complaining vortex, it’s 100% your responsibility to get yourself out of it and switch a gear.


You’ve got to shift your thoughts into “I want a living room where everything flows seamlessly from one area to the other” or “I want to be able to access the coffee table without going around the armchair”. Focus on what it is you want and your head and heart will open to finding a solution. It’s like switching into a problem-solving mode.
But it doesn’t even have to take a lot of effort. If you focus on what you want, it might be that, completely by accident, you’ll notice an article that will inspire a solution. Or maybe when you visit a friend something about their living room will make you think of how to solve your problem.

When you’re open to finding a solution, inspiration might strike at any time!

So I hope you see it now. To create that home which will work for you, you’ve got to focus on what you want (rather than what you don’t want). (TWEET THAT!)

Now I’d love to see you switch your focus and tell me what it is that you want? What kind of home are you looking to create? Have you ever tried this approach?

I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below.

Dream Home Creator, I wish you a great weekend full of focus on what you want!


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6 Responses to How to have that perfect home (one rule which changes it all)

  1. I love this shift in perspective! I think so many of us have this problem in all areas of life – just looking at and thinking about what we don’t like or don’t want instead of thinking about what we do like and do want.

    Thank you!

  2. I am so guilty of this. Just this morning I was discussing with my husband the lack of light in our living room and how it’s so complicated to install because it’s an open space and if we want light, we’ll have cables draging on the floor… and yet, we love our open space and I don’t want to change it.

    So yup, definitely I want to focus more on what we do have and what we like rather than moan about everything that needs to be done.

  3. I’m shifting into minimalist tendencies. Stuff/clutter/tchotchkes sends me down a one way path to Berzerktown, population: Me. After reading this post, I am realizing that I need to focus on simplicity rather than clutter.

    • Simplicity is really a key. It opens so many doors and allows to focus and see things differently – I’m glad you’re taking those steps and doing the mindset work at the same time :) Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

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