Garden lighting

The summer is full on and evenings seem like a pretty tempting time to throw a marvellous garden party.

So here is some food for thought for when you decide to do this:


Wanna know a secret?

If you look real close the table above has been decorated with… 1, 2, 3 – who can guess? …Lettuce leaves! (Did anyone guess that?!)

It’s a great idea to make your outdoor meal or party feel even closer to nature. Not to mention you could nibble on the decoration. (Just be careful with kids around those candles and you should be fine.)

But in this post I would like to talk about a very important factor when it comes to throwing garden parties.

Let’s talk about how to get your garden lighting on.

Since the garden is outside we often forget about planning any lighting in there – during the day there is plenty of light outside anyway, right?
But it’s a good way of impressing friends or simply creating an ambient atmosphere for an evening on the patio.

Think about implementing a few different sources of lighting.

Here’s some inspiration of what to choose from:
– a little fireplace,
– strings of hanging lights (a little bit like christmas lights, but less holly jolly),
– spotlights directed from the house pointing into the seating area,
– uplighters along the fence,
– candles to put on the table.

Do you see what I mean?
(hint: picture below should help you spot a few of these options)

If you choose a few options that you like best, any time spent in your garden after dusk will turn into a delight of lighting effects – kind of like mix and match depending on the occasion. (Warning: it might get romantic!..)

So a task for you for this weekend is to rethink your outdoor lighting options. I’m sure you’ll be able to spruce up your patio by adding some lamps or candles.

Let us know in the comments below which one type of garden lighting do you commit to getting sorted? :)

Take care for now and don’t forget to actually spend some evenings relaxing outside in your beautifully lit garden. I’ll clink a wine glass to that.

Warm and “ambient” hugs from me to you,

Kat xx - signature 150px

P.S. Please, share this post with your friends and let them know you’re planning a party!

2 Responses to Garden lighting

  1. At one end of my (covered) patio, I have a 10 foot long pergola-style arch that holds my grape vines. Under the arch is a pathway with a gate which leads to my son’s house next door. As the grapevines grew, he added a similar archway going about 10 feet into his property to accommodate the grapes with the continuation of the pathway under that.

    Because the grapevines are loaded with leaves which eclipse the moon and stars, it gets pretty dark under them at night. My weekend goal will be to come up with some kind of lighting system that is just bright enough to make walking safe, but dim enough not to be disruptive from the relaxed mood of my patio.

    • That’s a great goal, Sarah :)

      How about some little spot lights directed at the pathway and attached to the arch, between the grapes? Once you figure this out, I’d love to see the pictures! Good luck x

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