Make your success inevitable with this free 10min hypnosis

Rewire your brain for success and be, do and have everything you want by eradicating limiting beliefs and programming your mind for success.


95% of your actions are driven by your subconscious...

Which means that only 5% of your brain is actively trying to achieve your dreams and create the life that you want. While the other 95%?

…is fuelled by beliefs and stories you’ve taken on growing up. And that's what’s actually guiding your actions every day.

But what if that 95% isn’t on board with your goals (yet)?

Take control of the 95%

Neuroscience shows that we are able to create new neuropathways that didn’t exist before.

Simply put - if your subconscious is running on the old way of thinking (that doesn’t serve you and is actively trying to sabotage you in achieving your goals), you can change that and rewire your brain to create new neuropathways that support you in your consciously chosen goals and dreams.

Which means that you’ll finally be able to:
- let go of the fear of unexpected and how you’ll manage,
- believe in yourself and in the inevitability of your success,
- increase your self-worth and self-love,
- become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger,
- and let your desires fully show up, so you know exactly what you want and what to do to get it.

And the best way to rewire your brain is not by repeating phrases or affirmations that you don’t really believe in (meanwhile your subconscious says “no way!” every time you say them), but by putting your brain into a meditative, relaxed state, where it’s able to lock on to the new information on a deep level and take that as your new normal, working from the inside out.

Are you ready to learn HOW?

In this FREE 10min hypnosis I’ll guide you through how to eradicate limiting beliefs, let your desires and dreams show up and reprogramme your mind so that you think, feel and act in a way that makes your success inevitable.


Hi, I’m Kat Bern.

And I invite you to join me on this journey of changing: your way of thinking, mindset and subconscious reprogramming, so that you can feel free, playful, joyful and full of life.

Whatever it is that you want, whether that’s having more than enough money, abundant savings, amazing health, rich life, fulfilling work, or a passionate relationship, I teach practices and classes that will let you create a vision for what it is that you want, and then clear blockages that might be standing in the way of you achieving those goals, so that you can instead allow this flowing vibrant energy into your life and manifest all your desires into your everyday reality.

I myself have built a successful 6-figure business from scratch, and on the way learnt tools and practices that are common amongst successful business owners. Now I divide my time between running that business AND translating those same practices that helped me build it into tools that can be used in everyday life, so that you can benefit from them, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. Because if we all learn to elevate our own lives in a sustainable way, everyone will benefit.

Get your subconscious mind on board and finally achieve your deepest dreams and desires.

Let me show you how.

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