Dig Deep and Declutter

Dig Deep and Declutter

When you think of your Dream Home, your best imagined home that you’d feel comfortable in, in those visions, do you ever stand in front of your wardrobe and think “I’ve got nothing to wear”? declutter

And how about in real life?

I thought so.

Well, the good news is: you’re not alone. I am sure of that.

But the tricky thing is that in this dream vision of your wardrobe, I’m sure you know exactly what you have there. You might even know which brands you’ll have, or which colours. But even if you have no idea now, then at least you are sure you’ll have it figured out by then.

So now the truth: when it comes to clothes, all of us could benefit from knowing what it is we actually own.

Because more often than not, we just don’t.

(And if you are one of the few lucky ones who declutter on a regular basis and you can navigate through your wardrobe with your eyes closed, then first of all: congratulations! And secondly, please share your tips on how YOU do it in the comments below, so that we can learn from the best.)

Meanwhile, for the rest of us I have a challenge this week:

Find out what you own.

Might seem trivial, but there’s a catch here. (You could see that coming, couldn’t you?)

Do you have more than one wardrobe? Do you have bags or boxes of clothes hidden away somewhere? If yes, then all of this needs to be checked and taken care of!

I want you to go through your clothes and be honest with yourself. Take each item (yes, that means each item, including shoes, underwear, socks, scarves, everything) and ask yourself these questions:

– If you had a choice, would you wear it?
– Is it torn?
– Is it stained?
– Is it old / does the fabric look worn out?
– Are you keeping it out of sentiment for the old times?

The reason why this clothes declutter is so important is that you need to get crystal-clear on what it is that you actually need before you go on a shopping spree.

Not to mention that to start a successful mission towards a dream wardrobe you’ve got to get rid of the old and make space for the new (the same principle I talked about HERE).

Even if it won’t be all Chanel & Jimmy Choo, your clothes can still make you feel great, make you feel pretty. And you deserve to feel great. You ARE pretty, so why would you not wear something that makes you feel that way?

Starting from clarity on what you should buy next time is essential.

As encouragement for you, I have two things to share.

I opened the door to my cupboard for you and took a before and after picture of my shelf where I keep clothes (I couldn’t do the same with stuff hanging on hangers, as most of them are hidden away behind a wall, which I can’t “open”, quite literally, otherwise I would show you that too!)

before and after - clothes declutter - wardrobe declutter - Kat Bern: interior design with soul. Change your home to change your life.

I invite you to take a picture of your project before you start too – for all of us achievers it’s a great way to really see the results :) And then take an after picture and send them both my way!

Send your before and after photos to info[at]katbern.com before the end of Sunday 26th October 2014 GMT and I will be giving away 3 free 30min home-improvement Skype consultations (where you get to pick my brains about any interior design and organisation related questions) to the 3 who have really made an effort and decluttered the most. (You have the coming two weekends, so no excuses about lack of time!)

And finally, to help you with this week’s challenge here is a little cheat sheet with useful tricks for the clothes declutter:

Clothes declutter - wardrobe declutter - Kat Bern: interior design with soul. Change your home to change your life.

You can download and print it to help guide you through the process.

It might be a lot of information, but I know you can handle this.
You’ve got this.

Do YOU have any tricks for how to declutter clothes? Let me know in the comments below.

Now, go put your favourite music on and… ready, set, DECLUTTER!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you,

Kat xx - signature 150px

P.S. Remember to send your “before and after” photos to info[at]katbern.com before the end of Sunday 26th October 2014 GMT.

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