Radical acts of self-love

I’ve recently taken two whole weeks off, which for me was an example of radical acts of self-love. Before I came to that decision though, one day I was having rather bad thoughts and they kept coming back – images and worries of things happening to me outside of my control. So then I sat… Show me more

Release stress, anxiety and overwhelm with this simple exercise

When I don’t want to face something, however small or big, it starts building up in my body as a feeling or a sensation. Feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, being “behind” on my to-do list… that sort of thing. And I know I’m not alone. But when I actually catch myself feeling those states, I now… Show me more

How to come up with self care ideas to fit your life

On a logical level there is no denying that self-care is important. We all know the comparison of “put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others”. Yet, when it comes to actually implementing it, too often when we most NEED self-care, we’re struggling to come up with ideas that can be implemented on… Show me more