A corner mistake you don’t know you’re making in your room layout

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Are the corners of your house empty? Or is this where you put your big plants? …to have *something* there and kind of hide them?

If you’ve been struggling with arranging corners in your room layout
or didn’t realise until today that you could’ve paid them more attention,
I’ve got you covered.

Corners are a hard nut to crack.

They are tough to arrange if you haven’t done much designing before. Simply because we tend to forget about them when we plan our room layout.

There are two big mistakes people make when designing their space

Picture this. You draw up a plan of a room you want to redecorate. And then you start drawing furniture along the walls. A cupboard will go onto this wall, a sofa can go against this one, and let’s put the table next to this wall.


A room layout recipe for DISASTER.


Because you’re focusing on walls, which are like the frame to a picture – they are not where you want your attention.

The two common mistakes are:
1. Thinking that corners are there to somehow be “hidden”, instead of using them as an asset.
2. Forgetting all about the middle of the room.

And today I’d like to show you how to deal with the first problem.


A pretty corner is your room’s greatest asset

1. Make it into a cozy space. Think “coffee with a friend”, “wine with your partner” or just some “good quality alone time wrapped up in a blanket with a good book”.


2. Create a Power Corner.
Gather together:
a landline (if you have one),
a comfy seat,
a notebook with a pen,
a chalk, magnetic or cork board.
Be sure to add a spacious drawer for your favourite takeout menus, scissors or any odd things that you might learn with time that are necessary in your Power Corner.


3. Get yourself a corner window. This one depends on the view outside, of course, but if you live surrounded by nature, then why not consider a corner window? It makes for a great place for a seating area with an added bonus of lots and lots of daylight. Mmmmm… vitamin D! Now, who wouldn’t want that? :)


4. Think game centre. If you like chess, install a chess table in a corner with a seating bench around it. Style it up. Make it a feature! If chess is not your thing, but you like occasional Jenga or Rummikub*, then make it a board game centre. Add a little cabinet next to it to put away all the games when you’re not playing.
Suddenly, you’ve got yourself a corner that people are drawn to. Now that’s an asset that should never be hidden behind a plant! :)

*Personally, I love a good session of Rummikub. Check it out if you don’t know the game yet.


5. Create a writer’s nook. Whether it’s putting pen to paper, or you just need a place for your laptop, create a little nook dedicated for writing. It will both make your place look better and empower you to write better.

I believe that the environment you’re in can benefit your performance.
If you don’t have a home office, definitely think about a little desk area.
It doesn’t matter whether your work involves taking care of the children and the house or you work away from home – everyone needs a place where you can organise: yourself, your schedule and likely the finances of your whole family.
You deserve this. You’ll feel better. Take this conscious step. It’s time to upgrade from your kitchen table.


Now that you’ve seen these options, which one do you want the most? Are you in need of a game centre or is it time to upgrade to a writer’s nook? Leave a comment below.

Stay positive and remember: you can change your life by changing your home. Start today. You deserve this.

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With all my love and gratitude,

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  1. What an under-utilized area of any room. You are so right that we all need help with this.

    And my house is stone, so its not happening right now…but I WANT a corner window.

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