3 top kitchen design tips for enjoyable cooking

Who doesn’t love to cook or bake from time-to-time, when it’s done entirely for pleasure and not because you have to?

I usually cook something new or long-forgotten once a week, so that not to get into the routine of eating the same foods all the time. My last attempt was an artichoke risotto from Jamie Oliver’s recipe. But I must say, the fresh artichokes are not easy to handle! (Although they do look gorgeous.)

But back to kitchen design tips.

In this article I want to show you my 3 top tips for a kitchen which makes cooking all the more enjoyable!

Top kitchen design tip 1:
keep the working areas close to each other


This one is bit counter-intuitive, because you might think that the more space, the better. BUT… we’re not dancing ballet while cooking (or are you?) and even if you have lots of floorspace, you shouldn’t be placing your counters too far away from each other.

This mistake often happens when your kitchen is square and if you have counters all around the edges. You don’t want to end up running from one corner to the other to get every ingredient.

Keep the working spaces close: 42in (105cm) to 48in (120cm) between two opposite counters.


Top kitchen design tip 2:
build a pantry in the same room


I’d call this tip uber-practical.

Pantries are fun and very useful, but not all of us can have a separate room for storage. But we all do need storage (and quite frankly, we often underestimate just how much storage we need.)

This cupboard/pantry is 180cm wide and the shelves inside are 28.5cm deep. With a stand-alone pantry like this one you can store all the extra food, kitchen towels and even some equipment that you don’t use daily.

No more things lying around. Everything should have its own place. Practical and pretty. (And now you can go and buy the 20th Starbucks collectors mug from a new city… oh wait – that’s just me :) )

Top kitchen design tip 3:
Follow THIS flow


Everyone talks about kitchen space having to “flow”, and how you have to think about the “flow” of your kitchen. But what the heck is that flowing kitchen anyway? Are we installing some magic cabinets that move around on their own, cooking us meals by themselves? (I wish.)

To put it in simplest words – follow THIS rule:

If you’re looking at your kitchen’s space, start from one place and move along, planning appliances and counter space in this order

fridge/freezer -> a bit of counter (so that you have actual space to put things on as you take things out from your fridge/freezer) -> sink (so that you can wash whatever produce you just took out of the fridge) -> more counter (upon which you will be chopping, mixing and having fun with the prep) -> stove (so that the mixed and prepped food can be cooked somewhere)

Easy-peasy, right?

One more time: fridge -> small space -> sink -> larger space -> stove

Now, you’re the master of the flow.

Did you like these 3 top kitchen design tips for enjoyable cooking? Let me know in the comments below, which one of the three improvements would make your current kitchen better suited for cooking?

And if you know of anyone who likes cooking and could use this information, go ahead and share it with your friends below.
An added bonus: you can discuss your kitchen improvement ideas next time your BFF comes over for tea or coffee – the more input you get, the more fantastic ideas you’ll be able to come up with, trust me.

Hope you have fun with this!

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6 Responses to 3 top kitchen design tips for enjoyable cooking

  1. I thought I was the only one who loved those Starbuck’s mugs!! I live in the Chicago area, and buy them to send as gifts!!
    Great observation about space. We moved from a condo that had too little space in the kitchen, esp. counter space and storage. It was just an “L”. Then we got a single family home with a lovely, big kitchen WITH a walk-in pantry. It felt like running a marathon to cook, compared to the previous set-up.
    Get food from the fridge, set it down (at least we have counters there!!), put stuff on the kitchen island (which I think is a necessity!!). Walk back to the pantry to get something. Go to the sink to wash something. Walk back to the pantry for the thing you forgot… Huff, puff, huff… ;-)
    It’s actually not that bad, a very efficient layout, but the contrast was striking!
    My favorite kitchen mistake, which I see a LOT in the new homes in this area: A counter with pull-up chairs that backs up to the fridge, but is TOO CLOSE to the fridge!! When someone is sitting there, they have to move so you can get something out of the fridge. Doh!

    • Oh that’s a good one too – OF COURSE you need full access to the fridge, right? :) Love this observation.

      And this was exactly what I meant – the whole running around makes cooking so much more annoying – especially when your hands are dirty or wet and you have such a long distance to go and grab something.

  2. Me, I’d say that any appreciable distance of a large pantry from the actual kitchen is an excellent excuse to acquire a kitchen cart, tea cart, or some other storage-on-wheels! You load it up in the pantry (with your tablet propped safely, of course, to review before exiting the pantry and eliminate repeat trips) and wheel, not carry, your goodies to the cooking area. And there it is to return the supplies to their rightful place when done! (I also remember my grandmother’s pantry, and root cellar, and cold cellar, and big “black stove” that always had a pot of “leftovers” on the back for soup. And yes, it burned wood since coal was more expensive.)

  3. love your article – need to add one more process though which takes easily as much kitchen time – cleanup after meals. I recommend 2 drawer dishwashers so space is always available to move the dishes out of the sink, and dish storage within reach of the dishwasher – no walking here and there. This is something that needs strategic thinking when overhead cabinets are disappearing.

    • Oh yes, Rosemary! You are so right. Especially that storage within reach of the dishwasher – I would also suggest thinking twice about the side on which the cupboard will be opening. I’ve seen it time and again: cupboard is close enough, but when you open it, the door stands in the way and you have to move all the dishes around it first :) good point with the cleanup taking as much time as cooking

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