Should you shop at IKEA or Target?

Should you shop for furniture at IKEA or Target? Or should you invest in high-end custom-made items? If you’ve been struggling with this topic (or merely wondering if there are any good interior design ideas for IKEA shoppers), then this blog post is for you.

Getting your home to look, for example, like this:

ikea or target for good shopping

…is the end result of a few factors.

And like in every home, there are some things you can change (and have control over) and there are some things you can’t.

So step one for a good transformation is figuring out your limitations (whether it’s due to location, size of the space or budgetary restrictions) and working with what you can change.

Buying more expensive, sometimes custom-made, furniture has its perks. True. The quality of materials is going to be different, you’d get more unique design and the chances of your neighbour buying the same sofa or the same cabinet are significantly smaller.

BUT the most exclusive products are not always available to us. And that’s absolutely fine. Perhaps high-end furniture is out of your budget or maybe you know your current home is a temporary place of residence and you don’t want to invest. Maybe spending lots of cash on something to sit on is just not your priority and you prefer to spend that money on travelling. Whatever the reason might be, my take on the matter is that it’s entirely your decision where you go furniture shopping. I believe that you can create a beautiful Dream Home for yourself wherever you end up getting your stuff. (TWEET THAT!)

Let me ask you this: does your favourite shop(s) provide you with choices? Are there different styles available? Different colours? Sizes? If the answer is YES then you WILL be able to create something beautiful out of it. Because with different choices comes the ability to implement different interior design ideas!

It’s the fact that you’re trying to find your style and input your personality into your home that will make it beautiful, not the label on your headboard.

Have you been feeling shy about where you like to shop for furniture? Have you ever thought that you can’t afford a makeover because that would mean going to high-end stores and spending a gazillion dollars/pounds/whatever your currency might be? If any of those are true for you, please do yourself a favour and drop that stereotype straight away. In fact, let me tell you this. I’m writing this while sitting in an IKEA chair (it’s called TORKEL) and it’s super comfy!

It’s better to make your home feel nice with what you can, than to keep postponing redecoration out of fear of not being able to get the best of the best.

As my mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas always says: it’s about incremental upgrades. So go get yourself a nice home. And when you’ll decide it’s time, that’s when you can start getting more unique items. Either way, you deserve to feel good in your home now.(TWEET THAT!)

And now over to you: what are your favourite furniture stores that don’t empty the wallet? Let me know in the comments below – I want to check them out!

Have a lovely weekend,

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  1. IKEA has some wonderful designs. Everything might not be the best quality, but there’s certain items that are really well made and a fraction of the price of a “real” furniture store (as I write this from my IKEA desk).

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