Is it a keeper?

I’ve been recently going through my shelves trying to put some order into my book display when I realised I haven’t actually read (or finished) half of them!

The realisation was quickly followed by a session of decluttering. I took each and every book in my hands and asked the question: “is it a keeper?”.

And then I stumbled across this cartoon by Tom Gauld and found it so true it made me laugh:

Tom Gauld's cartoon depicting a library full of unread books.

Do you also have an exponentially growing library and not enough space to store it?
Have you ever felt like you might be buying too many books, but you’re just like a little junkie for the smell of paper? ;)
Do your bookshelves also look like the library from this cartoon?

Does that sound like you?

We all do it. We buy a book, read it and put it back on the shelf, never to touch it again. I sometimes even buy a book, but never read it, then time passes and I forget why I bought it in the first place. (Guilty!)

Passing on books like that creates space in our life, both literally – the physical space, but also mentally.

Not feeling guilty about not having read so many of those books yet, as well as not having a long list of books on your to-do (which then can feel more like a chore than pleasure) creates mental space for you to focus on something that you want to do joyfully, and now.

Even if you did mean well and did want to read what you purchased, you’re not the same person you used to be when you once bought those books. And that is ok. And by donating (or selling) those titles you’ll make space for the new you to buy and read the books you’re truly passionate about now.

And I’m well aware that a part of you might not agree with getting rid of books – they are books after all… but don’t you think that some of them would be of better service if other people could use them now?

Not to mention that these ‘unwanted’ items take up a lot of space, while their only job is to gather dust… So…

Here is a 3-step actionable plan to finally put these books in order!

All you’ve got to do is go through your collection and ask yourself these 3 questions about each of the books:

1. Have I read it?
2. Am I still likely to read it?
3. Does it have any sentimental value to me? (e.g. any personal insights on the margins, an autograph etc.)

books decluttering diagram Kat Bern

Twitter birdyAsk yourself these 3 questions, decide what you really want to keep and declutter your shelves from those easy “beach reads”. You know the type. :)

Act NOW. Schedule a chunk of time to do it this weekend and I promise you’ll feel better after! :) Leave a comment below and let me know, how many books do you want to relocate and give them a new home?

As always, I would be really grateful if you could share this with your friends. Let’s spread the joy of passing on your old books to new owners :)

Good luck with all the sorting,
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“The mental and physical space we create by letting go of things that belong in our past gives us…the option to fill the space with something new.”
Susan Fay West

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