How to buy the perfect furniture and decorations for your home

Have you ever gone to a shop and bought some home decor items without really planning to do so? And did you ever end up returning them (or selling or giving to a friend), because as soon as you arrived home doubt started creeping in and you thought “is this piece of supposedly perfect furniture going to fit?”.

I’ve been on both sides of this story: I had clients show me their purchases and ask how can we accommodate them into our design, but also I myself once started decorating my bedroom from buying… a clock.

So I definitely know how it feels. You go into the store and, all of a sudden, you find yourself under some kind of a spell. “I must have it.” “It’s SO cute.” “Aaaawww, ok, it’s mine now.”

But unfortunately when we follow this route it is very easy to end up with a home full of bits and pieces that don’t really go.

That’s why, I’d like to introduce you to a new way of shopping.

When designing your home go from vision to big furniture to smaller decor. (TWEET THAT!)


First, figure out what style you’d like your home/bedroom/office to have. And create a visual representation of that style. (I show you how to do it in the training here.)


Then, start from buying the biggest items in accordance with your style. Get things like cupboards, desks, beds, tables sorted first.


And only then when you know what style you’d like to achieve and you have the main structure of your design (aka the big pieces), that’s when you can go into the fun details of getting pictures or art to hang, looking through throw pillows, flower vases, book ends etc.

This way your home will look cohesive and your uniques style that you wanted to create will shine through. Let’s say NO to completely random bits and pieces.

So from now on I hope you’ll remember one thing:


Do you have any stories of how you bought something only to regret it soon after? I’d like to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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Till next week, Dream Home Creators,
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4 Responses to How to buy the perfect furniture and decorations for your home

  1. Awesome! I’ve become a bit of a nerd around decorating and interior design.. not in the BUYING stage yet, but the dreaming/planning stage for sure, so I can appreciate this post a lot :)

  2. Same here — am in the planning stages so I’m thrilled to have found this post before buying. In the past I’ve always purchased smaller items first as they’re less intimidating. But I’m ready for a complete home overhaul so this was certainly helpful! Thanks, Kat!

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