Have a seat, baby! (Finding the best office chair.)

Arabella by Giorgetti - best office chair! Click here to see and read more: http://www.katbern.com/have-a-seat-baby
Arabella chair by Giorgetti, image source: http://www.giorgetti.eu/

Do you know that feeling when before going on holiday you feel like you have so much to do just to make sure the world keeps turning while you’re away? best office chair

Well, I’m pretty much in this mode right now, as I’ll be heading to Malta on Monday.

But sitting all this time working away on the Dream Home Course makes me think about how much time we spend in a seated position and, therefore, how important it is that what you sit on supports your back and just makes you comfortable.

As a designer who loves great visuals I am at the same time unwilling to sacrifice comfort for looks.
Let me say that again.
When buying chairs, armchairs or sofas, I would *never ever* compromise on comfort.
It is one thing to see a sofa or an armchair in a catalogue, but to actually go and sit on it and try it out against your back – now that’s a completely different story!

I would advise that whenever you have to buy any chairs, go and try them out at the store first. (Including a situation where you hired a designer – check out what they are proposing.)
You might like what it looks like, but will you love what it feels like to have a seat?

I spent a loooong time shopping for desk chairs for me and my partner. We found a perfect one. It just feels like it is there for you, making you feel at ease while working.

But for some reason, a reason that I can’t recall anymore, we only bought one of those. And a second – completely different one (aka NOT AS GOOD).

I’ll tell you the truth – we’re nice people, so every time we’re sitting in the office together, we offer one another the comfy chair, which is usually followed by the polite “are you sure you don’t want it today?” But when one leaves to work somewhere else, the other one moves the chairs around to sit on the comfy chair.

This happens: Every. Freaking. Time.
Now, that’s love, baby. :)
But I’m pretty sure we’re going to get bored of this politeness and buy another one of those comfy chairs soon. Because why not?

Like a mattress on which you sleep at night, a chair in which you spend a lot of time is important for your health, your mood and overall better performance.

Think about it first and then I have a task for you: have a walk around your house and sit on all chairs. (I kid you not. Do it and COMPARE them.) Do you have a favourite chair? Or maybe do you need a favourite chair? Would moving them around help (so that the more comfortable ones are in the places where you tend to sit more often)?

Have fun with it!

And then have a great weekend (maybe some chair-shopping is in order for you?)

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P.S. As a bonus I wanted to share with you the most fascinating armchair I’ve ever sat on. It’s called Arabella by Giorgetti and there are 3 reasons why I love it so much:

1. Looks gorgeous (not the most important factor, but I’ll start from this for a proper introduction). Have a look:

Arabella Chair by Giorgetti. To find out more about why this is the best office chair click here to read (and see) more: http://www.katbern.com/have-a-seat-baby
Arabella chair by Giorgetti, image source: https://ecc.co.nz

2. Feels oh-so-comfortable! (There is both left and right version, depending on where you want to put it and what you might want to face in that space. Although it is a swivel chair, so there are plenty of possibilities.)

Arabella Chair by Giorgetti. One for the bucket list! To find out more about why this is the best armchair click here to read (and see) more: http://www.katbern.com/have-a-seat-baby
Arabella chair by Giorgetti, image source: http://www.giorgetti.eu/

3. Has awesome flexibility! I mean it. The back of the chair is supportive when you sit in it, but when you approach it from the other side you can literally jump on the back as if it was your bed and it will softly bend. Imagine if you wanted to stretch in a funny position, or work lying down on your belly, or even reach for something from the coffee table – the arm will bend to allow you to do all of those things.
This chair goes for the “one day” bucket list for me for sure! :)

Do you have a favourite chair to sit on while you’re working in the home office? Leave a comment below and let me know where do you like sitting best! Kitchen chair? Sofa? Swivel? I’d love to know.

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