While here we’re diving into #firstworldproblems (and that is totally OK, btw), I’m committed to making a contribution to women from all walks of life. And that’s why I choose to contribute to causes advancing the position of women in their societies and moving the odds towards equality of genders.

10% of all sales are donated to charities and causes that benefit women and their dream of a more happy, beautiful and prosperous life (whatever that might mean for them).

I do this because I believe that when I’m expanding and my company is growing, so is my power to help the causes I believe in. And that’s why giving back is part of my business model.

charity: water

Giving back Kat Bern Access to clean water improves health, food and local economies. You probably would’ve guessed that much.

But did you know that in the developing world it is the job of women and girls to get water?

They walk for 5-8h every day with heavy clay pots strapped to their back, bringing water to cook, drink, wash and bathe.

800 million people live without access to clean water. HALF of them are women. And their entire lives are dedicated to… walking with water.

I choose to imagine a world where women get to contribute in more ways than that. And I choose to support that too.


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