Happy new year! Do you have a word for this year yet?

Happy New Year, Dream Home Creator!

I hope you had a wonderful time and celebrated in whatever way you wished to do it. Remember it doesn’t have to be all glitter and a crowded party if that’s not your thing.

I greeted 2015 while watching “Back to the Future”, eating popcorn and ice-cream (almost at the same time) and simply spending time with my man. Because that was our perfect celebration.

It’s customary around this time of the year to write about the best ways for making 2015 the best, most awesome and amazeballs year you-could-not-have-even-imagined-having. Ever.

And I was going to do a similar thing, because it felt like “a thing I should do”, but then I stopped myself and thought of the word I chose for this year. And it’s DESIRE.

I decided that this year I’ll do more of what I feel like doing, rather than feel like I should be doing. (Big difference.)

So here I am, not telling you that 1st of January is the best time to freakin’ change your home. Because really, any time is good.

But the thing that I like about a start of the year (and it’s the same thing I like about starting a new diary, buying a new planner, or getting on a plane to a place I’ve never seen before) – it’s the ease with which we can start as if it was day one.

And day one can mean whatever you want it to. And this fresh start could happen at any point during the year (not just today).

Because all it takes for us to feel like it’s a fresh start is to forgive yourself for anything you might still be wishing you did or handled differently – and stop holding on to the past and look into the future instead.

So in my case, I won’t write the “3 steps to a perfect home in 2015” I thought I would. …Because I don’t want to!

word for the year: desire

What I want, what I truly DESIRE is to tell you this instead: I have created an awesome video training (where I’ll show you so much more than just 3 steps to a perfect home) and we are almost ready to launch it.

So, if you haven’t already, sign up for the training here:
It’s totally FREE. My gift to you.

Wishing you 365 “fresh starts” in 2015,

With love,
Kat xx

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