3 ways to make a BIG decision (without unnecessary headaches)

Have you ever needed to make a big decision, where you felt like you were stuck and you didn’t know which way to go? In this episode let’s talk about the 3 ways for making big decisions much easier. WATCH THE VIDEO OR READ THE POST BELOW: We’ve all been there. Whether it’s about which… Show me more

Let’s make magic (aka it’s not too late!)

With the start of October we’re in the final quarter and therefore final stretch of the year. Setting goals for the year is well behind us, or is it? How are YOUR goals shaping up? Whatever you set out to do at the beginning of this year, has this looked like this so far?: Maybe… Show me more

How to be happy more often – part 2

This is a second part of a 4-part series on how to be happy more often. If you haven’t read the first part on the Ghost of Happiness Past and how you might be holding on to reminders of bad things that happened, make sure you read that first part here.   I’ll be happy… Show me more

How to be happy more often – part 1

This is part 1 of the 4-part series – all on injecting more happiness into your life and home. “How to be happy? ” And “How can I be happy more often?” are questions a lot of us ask from time to time. And it really doesn’t matter how happy and how grateful you already… Show me more

The best mood changer, free and without prescription

I’ve got to tell you this: when it comes to mood swings and looking for a mood changer, there are many (healthy) things you can try to turn things for the better, but there is one of them which – if applied right – will make all the difference. Free and without prescription: a natural… Show me more

What to do after you decide to dream BIG

Did you ever dream BIG? So big in fact that you were afraid to tell the world about it? And even though you knew you wanted to get “there” and you believed it was possible, you had no idea how exactly that would all come together? “Dream BIG” is probably one of the most amazing… Show me more

The domino effect for your dreams

All or nothing. I was sitting in a tram listening to Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” workshop on Audible (brilliant, by the way, I could recommend it in a heart beat!), when I had a bit of an when I had a bit of an epiphany about a trap in thinking that I’ve totally… Show me more