Let me start from this: there is nothing wrong with you.
Nothing. Wrong. With. You.

Feeling like something is missing in your life does not make you an ungrateful weirdo. (Even if others seem to think that you have this “perfect life”.)

The uncomfortable truth: you’re afraid you haven’t really achieved anything tangible. Or you haven’t achieved as much as you know you could.

You’ve always been a great planner and had ambition to conquer the world. Yet at times you feel like you’ve lost sense of direction at some point. How do you stop the time from running so fast and make the time that passes count? Too much to do – too little time? I get it.

And it’s not like you can tell your friends or family, because they’d most likely shrug their shoulders and say “That’s life.”

If you’re worried that if you were to die tomorrow, the only thing left behind would be your credit card debt and a mortgage, then you’re in the right place. (And ooh my, this IS a scary picture, I know.)

Deep breath.

We’re going to do this together.

Hi, I’m Kat Bern and I’ve spent the last decade travelling around the world, “living the perfect life”. Or was I?

I have lived in 6 different countries around Europe and even more cities (lost count at this point) and by many standards, I had it all. Adventure. Jobs to pay for the travel. Flexibility. Learning languages. And following dreams of being an interior designer, working for the best out there, designing for names such as Sheraton or Radisson Blu. Yet I felt like something was missing. #firstworldproblem, right?

Well, no.

It took me years of “running” from one place to another (aka away from problems) and studying my ass off, journaling, meditating and trying all sorts of magic to get to the bottom of it all.

Do I have it all figured out by now?

Not at all. This is a journey and I discover *new truths* all the time.

But what I know so far is this:

1. The tools I’ve discovered along the way have helped me immensely in overcoming: the feeling of something missing, being happy only on sporadic occasions, not feeling beautiful, not feeling like I know enough, do enough, exercise enough, achieved enough, and they helped me take control of my finances once and for all too.

2. More women stepping up and taking control of how things turn out for them will have a ripple effect on the world by all the decisions and actions those inspired women will take. So it is my mission to help you grow and conquer whatever might be stopping you.

I want to make a difference in women’s lives. Happiness, beauty, wealth. That’s only where we’ll start.

I believe that men and women are equal. I believe that we are all worthy of our dreams. And I’ve seen the massive change in my life over the years and how changing my thinking really has changed everything for me. The way we think matters the most.

It’s time we stop talking about work-life balance and instead think up our own life-work balance (because I believe those two should really be swapped by now).

Through my paid online course The Happiness Injection and my free videos and articles I help women who are ready to take action to discover THEIR strength, THEIR beauty, THEIR wealth. And be happier every day.

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