6 home office ideas to die for

Do you ever see something and think ‘I must have it!’, even though two minutes ago you didn’t even know *this something* existed?!

A few of you mentioned this feeling when I talked about the ideas for arranging corners in this blog post. And it got me thinking. That’s so true!

I do this too :)

I also see something super creative and think ‘omg, I love this idea!’ And the wheels in my head start spinning, rearranging this solution for my own benefit.

So this article’s going to be a bit evil in the sense that it’ll make you want stuff.
If you’re not ready for great home office ideas, do not read further. ;)

…You still with me?

Ok, then let’s dive straight in!


This one is an amazingly creative idea for an office away from distractions. It’s the real deal for someone who wants to go PRO.

I love how inspiring it is in its form, not to mention functionality! The enclosed space with daylight coming in all day long (notice two skylights) and the no-space-for-clutter factor will enhance anyone’s productivity.

An unexpected bonus being a wooden background whenever you Skype with clients. Classy, right?



There are studies that show that being closer to nature (even by using natural materials, increasing daylight exposure, etc.) is related to increased productivity. That’s why it’s worth mentioning that this office has a skylight behind the desk, so there will be plenty of daylight there. The simple wooden desk, exposed brick wall and leather chair increase the “natural” feel of this office.

It’s also a brilliant example of an office with character.
The mural on the left wall, pictures over the desk set in the shelves that look like boxes and the red vintage phone really make a statement here.



If you don’t really have the space for a dedicated home office, it’s totally fine. I actually think smaller houses have looooads of advantages (sign-up here if you want to learn about them in the coming weeks).

This one here is a solution for a small home office with a natural feel. This could be installed anywhere from a bedroom to a hallway and can transform into a nook of creativity.

It’s important that you have daylight coming in (here: a window next to the desk).
Then the wood creates that natural feel I mentioned in the previous example.
Finally, if you notice the cupboard on the right – that’s a place you can keep any documents handy. I personally love closed cupboards, as they allow us to keep the necessary stuff without creating a sense of overwhelming clutter.



I’ll admit. When I first saw the picture below, I didn’t notice it straight away…
But then when my eyes caught it, I thought the hammock idea was brilliant.

Although, I have one BUT. I don’t think this is a solution for home offices if you have children… If you think of it, you want to be able to focus in your home office :)



I can’t stress this enough: having an organised office saves mountains of time!

So, if you don’t know how to get things organised, let this solution inspire you.
Personally, I would skip the little white paper trays & drawers on the counter for a less cluttered and more designer-look, but the signed boxes underneath are something all of us could benefit from!



I will probably never stop saying this, so excuse me if you’ve heard this before:

When buying chairs, armchairs or sofas, I would *never ever* compromise on comfort.

And I advise you do the same in your home office.
What I absolutely love about the office solution below is that straight away there are at least 3 places where you can sit comfortably:
– the desk chair with back and arm support for sitting straight,
– the armchair for more relaxed work,
– and the window bench for when you want to put your feet up.

Comfortable seating trumps all. :)

And if you’re a kinaesthetic person, as I am, or simply like changing positions and moving around instead of sitting still for 8 hours, then it’s good to accommodate a few seating options within one office for when you want to move.

You’ve just learnt 6 fantastic home office ideas and I would absolutely love to know:
Which of the six made you think ‘I must have this one day’?

Was it the office in the back yard?
Or maybe the one with the mural and exposed brick wall?
Do you want a home office nook?
An office hammock?
Baskets that help you stay organised?
Or more possibilities for comfortable seating?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Have an inspired week.

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