3 tips to pick furniture that “match”

You want your home to look like in a picture from a magazine. Or even BETTER, because none of the magazines actually feature your style and the furniture you have your eyes on. pick furniture

But how do you actually “match” furniture to get this outstanding look?

Here are 3 tips for how to make sure all your furniture and decorations “go” with each other, but at the same time don’t look boring or out of place:


1. Do not buy all your furniture in one shop

This is an easy mistake to make and, quite frankly, I made that mistake myself many years ago, before I knew what I was doing. So, if you didn’t know that, you’re instantly forgiven :)

What sometimes happens is this: you see a catalogue and like a set of furniture featured in it. So you decide to get it. All of it. Down to the featured lamp. Because why not, right? (CLICK TO TWEET AND SHARE THIS ARTICLE WITH YOUR FRIENDS)

It is an easy way of decorating a room without making any extra decisions, but it’s also the fastest way to a room that looks somewhat awkward. That’s because it will end up feeling like a showroom displayed in a store.

There are two reasons why people decide to buy a whole set of furniture from one catalogue:
either they don’t know that it won’t create those amazing results that they’re after OR they don’t know how to pick furniture from different stores and still have them “go” with each other and look good.

Luckily, now you know that you shouldn’t get a whole page from a catalogue and in the next two points you’ll learn how to pick furniture to make your spaces look good.

2. Pick a style and make it your reference.

To pick furniture that will look harmonious you need to figure out what style you’d like your space to be and then treat it as your guide for what to choose.

The best way to do it is to create a visual representation of that style. Either pick a picture that would best represent it or choose a few pictures and create a style board (I teach how to do it in the free video training here).

Once you have that visual representation of your desired style, use it as a reference in all your purchases. “Would what you’re thinking of buying fit within that style?” If yes, then get it. If you’re not sure, then that’s probably a no.

3. Match your furniture to the wooden (or wood-inspired) floor.

This is a less known, but very useful tip for how to pick furniture that will look great in a given space. Match them to the colour and tone of your floor! This goes for all wooden or wood-inspired floors, as they come in all shapes and shades of colours. All of these could be used as inspiration for your purchases.

The truth is that a floor covers the biggest area of any room, often carrying on into different rooms, so matching your furniture to it will ensure a coherent style.

If your floor is covered in wall-to-wall carpet or anything else that has no resemblance to wood, then make sure that the style you chose in point 2 is actually coherent with the colour and style of the floor you have and then go by the style-reference tip described above.


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