3 killer bathroom storage ideas
that don’t require extra space to implement them

Have you ever had too much storage space?

Well… me neither.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for clever storage ideas, especially in the bathroom – as the space there is usually rather limited.

And today I want to share with you three absolutely killer bathroom storage ideas that (and here is an important part) don’t require any extra space.

It’s always easy to say “just put an extra cupboard in”, but more often than not, if we’re struggling to get more storage space it’s because we don’t have an empty wall to put a cupboard against.

I’m going to show you three areas in your bathroom that could be optimised to gain extra storage.

1. Space around the sink

If you have a vanity unit, very often you might see that the space around the sink (either on one side or even on both sides) is extended to provide extra shelf space. And people very often treat it as such: a shelf for everyday-use cosmetics, like face creams, makeup etc.

Now, in this bathroom storage idea we’re using exactly the same space, but thanks to a rail slide system, you get a few layers of shelves within the same amount of space. It doesn’t require any extra room – you’d be using this already anyway, but this way you get more shelves. You can organise everything better and it doesn’t gather dust quickly.

It’s a brilliant solution for any bathroom that needs more storage. And you can extend the shelves to be even taller and keep some spare towels or excess cleaning supplies inside the top cupboard.

2. Space above the built-in toilet

This is an idea for any future bathroom remodels.

You probably know that the built-in toilets require a cistern to be installed behind the tiles. What you might not know is that those cisterns are between 8cm to 15cm deep.

Which means that if you tile up the whole wall above the level of the cistern, then you’re basically stealing at least 10cm off of your bathroom’s floor plan. This is space, which could be optimised and turned into cupboards (like on the picture above).

3. Bathtub storage

This is an area where I propose two solutions for maximised storage space.
First, if you think about it, a bathtub is rounded inside, but the outside cover for it is almost always square. Which means that there’s always space on the sides and closer to the bottom. You can customise the way your bathtub is covered and create some shelves (either on the side or like here on the photo – if you google “bathtub storage” under images, you’ll see plenty of other solutions too).

And secondly, very often next to a bathtub there is a small tiled shelf for cosmetics. And again, very often this space could be maximised by installing a sliding system, so that you get not only one shelf, but (for instance) five.

Storing your cosmetics away, rather than displaying everything on open shelves will also transform the feeling of your bathroom: from a cluttered and chaotic place into a serene and calm room of self-care. You deserve to feel in your bathroom as if you were in a spa, rather than as if you were in the cosmetics isle of a supermarket. Think about this. :)

Which of these ideas could you implement in your bathroom? Do you have any other favourites when it comes to clever storage? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 Responses to 3 killer bathroom storage ideas
that don’t require extra space to implement them

  1. I’ve been thinking about the first idea for long time!! Do you find that this storage “spice rack” is easier to use than a medicine cabinet with a swinging door?
    Are some things stored more easily in this unit than in a medicine cabinet? Are other things HARDER to use in this unit, than in a medicine cabinet?

    • Hi Leslie, while I haven’t used that myself, I think it’s a much better use of space than the medicine cabinet. But like with everything, it’s a matter of your personal preference. As you’ll be the one using it, it needs to work with your needs :)

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