13 funny (& clever) interior design ideas and why you should love them

Do you know that phrase “there is a grain of truth in every joke”? It suggests that whenever you hear someone say “oh, I’m just kidding”, it’s really an attempt (either conscious or subconscious) to disguise their thoughts or emotions. interior design ideas

(If you’ve never heard of the concept, pay attention to how you really feel the next time you say “I’m joking”. It’s quite a powerful insight.)

But whether or not you think that’s true, today I wanted to show you some examples of funny interior design ideas. We call them “funny”, but really – I think it’s more that they’re a mesh of unique and clever, uncommon and connected-to-that-grain-of-truth.

I hope this set of ideas will serve as an inspiration for finding your own unique solutions at your home.

And here we go:

13 funny interior design ideas and why you should love them

1. Bookshelf wallpaper in the loo*

There is something comic about shelves and shelves full of books and magazines in a place where… well… a lot of reading gets done (for some, at least).

*That’s what they call a toilet here in London. Apparently it’s got something to do with Waterloo, but who knows, really. ;)


2. Bathroom opera

For others, bathroom might be a place where you tap into your music potential. Is a hairbrush or a deodorant can your favourite microphone when in front of a mirror? Then wouldn’t it be funny to have an audience waiting for you there? This opera balconies’ wallpaper could make you feel like a star every time you perform.


3. Teenage room like an iPhone screen

This is fun to look at, for sure. And this idea might appeal to a lot of teenagers. But if we stop for a moment and think about it, this wall reflects that “grain of truth” and a slightly worrying reality where technology surrounds us all the time.
There’s just one problem with this design: it doesn’t update the icons with every new iOS release.


4. Never run out of toilet paper

When I first saw this I immediately thought “this is brilliant!” A little divider wall created from endless amounts of toilet rolls. In a toilet like this you will never hear a guest ask “where can I find spare toilet paper?”


5. Toiler roll within arm’s reach

Do you ever get annoyed when people don’t replace the roll and just put a new one on top of the empty holder? The idea below solves this problem, as all new rolls are ready to be served with just one little push.


6. Pass the paper

Have you ever asked your partner to pass you the paper? Well, in this bathroom you don’t have to. You’ve got a funny holder doing it for you 24/7. Or does the bathroom man take breaks?


7. Snoring zone

In case the bed was not enough, the wall will clarify the purpose of the room. This is a place of rest. A sleepy zone… with possible signs of snoring.


8. A Woman’s Right to Shoes

Do you wear shoes at home? I don’t and I find this sign just the right amount of funny.
Especially since I remember the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw goes to a baby-shower and looses her Manolos in this very way.


9. Use this toilet at your own risk

I think this poster would’ve made even more sense on the outside, warning from actually entering this toilet, but just as well. Makes you smile.


10. What is this art thing anyway?

If you’re not an art connoisseur, you might appreciate this one. Because if you don’t really care if the frame over your bed holds Picasso or Mr. Smith, then you might as well be frank. Just another thing hanging over your head?


11. Water spillage that never dries

Everybody spills water when they shower. One way or another, s splash is bound to happen. I love how this bathroom completely acknowledges this fact and plants in a mosaic tile spillage into its decor. And for good.
By the way, don’t you just love this corner window by the bathtub?


12. Bunk beds for the older ones

Bunk beds are a great way of utilising space and a fun way to sleep. But at some point, we just outgrow the tiny ladders that lead to the top. Not to mention, when both beds are on the same frame, things can get shaky.

Enter: bunk beds for the older ones.
Full size adult mattresses, solid structure and built-in steps that are much easier to climb than any ladder.

But who would want to sleep in a bunk bed? I mean, do you really need one?
It’s probably safe to say that nobody needs a bunk bed for adults, but it could be a great option to consider for: a guest room, a teenage room (think just the top bed, you can use the bottom space for a desk or a sofa) or any bedroom where you’d like to introduce some fun.


13. Be an adult whenever you have to. Be a kid whenever you can.Twitter birdy

I’ll be honest. In my Dream Home I would like to have a slide. I’ve always wanted one and somehow never grew out of this idea. This is both funny and fun and – as you can see in this New York loft – can be done as an integral part of the interior.

Funny ideas for interiors are great to look at. Yet some might consider them childish and wouldn’t even consider implementing them in their newly renovated space.

What is your take on that? Leave a comment below and tell me, given a chance, would you implement one of the ideas above? Which one? Or why not?

In the world full of responsibilities and overwhelm of tasks I think it’s important we introduce this rule:

Be an adult whenever you have to, but be a kid whenever you can.

If you think that some of your friends could use this inspiration for fun at home, please spread the word by sharing the post below.

Thank you for reading and try to do something like a kid today!

To laughter and ice-cream,

Kat xx

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